Rates & booking


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the form below, and enquire about a date.

I am London based, have a car, and my fee includes travel within an hour of London.
I am very happy to travel further afield, including destination weddings abroad, as long as my expenses are covered, so please ask for a quote.


Want to talk on the phone or chat on Whatsapp?
Reach me on 0777 909 8649.


My email address is idreweu [at] gmail.com


If you’d like to meet me for a consultation on the style of artwork I’ll produce, and what you want me to focus on (for live wedding illustration), I’m happy to do so in most circumstances, if you can travel to London or cover my travel expenses.


My rates start at £450 for a 3 hour minimum booking*

3 hours – £450
4 hours – £560
5 hours – £670
6 hours – £780

A ‘full day’ package starts from £850 for 7 to 8 hours work, and includes a live painting of your wedding ceremony.

Please let me know what you might want (either live illustration of your day, guest portraits, or both), and I’ll prepare a custom quote for your location and timing.

*(min booking requirement / price is 4 hours if the location and timing requires an overnight stay).


Scroll down to below the contact form to see the main ways to combine my illustration services.

Please also see my Frequently Asked Questions for more information about hiring me, how I work, and the many exciting custom extras available.

Do you just want as many guest portraits as possible, for them to take home?

There’s two main ‘mingling’ lulls during most weddings, where having a live portrait artist is ideal entertainment for guests.

  • The post-ceremony lull, where formal photos are taken of the bridal parties and families, and guests are left to their own devices
  • The longer lull after the wedding breakfast and speeches, before the first dance

The timing of these lulls is obviously up to you, but my minimum booking is 3 hours (except in London). If you have under 50 guests, one lull might be enough to draw half of them. But it usually makes more sense to book me for both lulls, ie a ‘full day’ booking of 7 hours.
If the meal is a buffet, I continue to draw guests who aren’t eating. I use any seated wedding breakfast and speeches time to draw more guests from photos. This way, I am able to draw and display paintings of as many guests as possible, and leave far fewer people disappointed.

Do you want guest portraits but also want some live illustration artwork for yourselves, too?

Why should guests get all the goodies? A lot of couples want both guest portraits but also live illustration of the ceremony, and a few paintings of details from the wedding, to keep for themselves. The only way to get a decent amount of both is to book me for a full day – the longer, the better, depending on how much artwork you want to keep.

I do the guest portraits during the lulls, while guests are mingling. During the wedding breakfast, I’ll add more colour and detail to your wedding ceremony illustration, and I can also paint the cake, flowers and anything else you want me to, plus capture all the speech-givers on the same page!  Once the speeches are over, I’ll go back to doing guest portraits, usually until the first dance.

Do you mainly want live illustrations of your wedding day for you to keep?

If you don’t want guest portraits, apart from possibly those in your bridal party or family, I’ll be able to focus on creating the most beautiful bespoke live illustrations of your wedding that I can. For a full day booking of 9 hours, which I do a special discounted rate for (it’s my favourite kind of booking), I can arrive well before the ceremony and capture special scenes in beautiful live illustrations for you to keep and frame.

I’ll be discreetly drawing on a portable board setup, sketching everything from the bridal hair and makeup, to the church, to the actual moment where you say ‘I do’. After this, I’ll move on to your reception venue and sketch some details there, before guests arrive to be drawn into the next few pictures. I will work through the wedding breakfast sketching the scene and speech-givers, and paint the cake ready to add the bride and groom cutting it!

I often (optionally) add snippets of overheard conversation or music to the sketches, which evokes rich memories of the moment and captures atmosphere in a way that even photos often can’t.