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Please get in touch using the form below, and enquire about your date. My live wedding illustration prices and package options are just under the form.

I am London based, with a car, and my fee includes weddings in central London. Travel fees are usually 50p per mile driving from South East London (unless trains/flights make more sense).

For bookings more than 90 mins from South East London, I charge for 1-2 nights accommodation at £100/night.

For venues in Scotland, Ireland & Europe, travel fees will include costs of flights (with hold baggage) plus cabs and/or car hire (depending on location of venue), as well as 2 nights accommodation at £100/night. I regularly travel to destination weddings further abroad, provided all expenses are covered.

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My email address is aaron [at]

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Reach me on 0777 909 8649.


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Please also see my Frequently Asked Questions for more information about hiring me, how I work, and the many exciting custom extras available.

Live wedding illustration packages

uk live wedding ceremony painting with guest portraits
Full day mixed package: from £2200
  • A framed painting of your wedding ceremony

    This will be a detailed A3 watercolour (larger sizes available on request), completed and framed during the wedding breakfast, and presented to you on the day.

  • Live guest portraits

    I’ll paint your guests while they are mingling – good times for this are in the post-ceremony lull while you are taking formal photos, and in the second longer lull after the wedding breakfast and speeches.
    (I paint an average of 8 single people, 5 couples or 2-3 families per hour at the level of detail and quality shown.)

This package includes 10 hours painting time, starting from an hour before the ceremony.

Full day portrait package: from £2100
  • 9 hours guest portraits

    I paint guests live during both lulls – the first lull after the ceremony while they mingle and you take formal photos, and also in the second lull after the speeches, before the first dance.

    During the wedding breakfast and speeches time I paint your VIP guests from photos I take before the meal. This way, I am able to maximise my time on site, and paint as many of your guests as possible.

    (I paint an average of 8 single people, 5 couples or 2-3 families per hour at the level of detail and quality shown.)

    This package includes 9 hours continuous painting time, which would usually start at the beginning of your post-ceremony drinks reception.

Full day live package: from £2300
  • A set of live illustrations of the day

    This live wedding illustration package could include the bridal preparation, the ceremony, flowers, cake cutting, speeches, the newly married couple in front of the venue, the first dance – whatever you ask for! You take all the artwork home on the day.

  • A framed ceremony (or couple portrait) painting

    This A3 size watercolour painting will be completed while guests watch, and framed in a pop up gallery with the other live illustrations, ready for you to take home.

Posed guest portraits are not included in this package – only the couple will be painted.
I am happy to discuss planning the size and style of paintings to fit your own choice of frames, and framing them on the day.

This package is usually around 10-12 hours of painting time.

Full day ceremony painting: from £1775
  • Large canvas or watercolour ceremony painting

    A stunning detailed watercolour or acrylic / oil on canvas ceremony painting – twice the size of the A3 paintings included in the other packages. I spend the whole day on the painting with this service, giving me more time to refine your ceremony scene to a high level of finish.

A full day ceremony painting will usually take between 6 and 10 hours to complete (starting 2-3 hours before the ceremony), depending on size and medium.

Ceremony & speeches set: from £1775
  • A framed painting of your wedding ceremony

    This painting will be an A3 size watercolour, completed and framed during the wedding breakfast. (A2 upgrade also available on request).

  • An illustration of your wedding speeches

    I’ll illustrate your wedding speeches as they happen in A3 size, in a loose and lively way which captures the highlights of every speech and all your loved ones on the top table. 

live wedding guest portraits uk event artist fashion illustrator
Guest portraits: from £875*
  • 3 hours: £875  | 4 hours: £1140  | 5 hours: £1405

    I’ll paint A4 sized full length guest portraits during any guest mingling time.
    I either use a first come, first served list system, or you can give your closest friends and family priority tokens. This package includes mounts and fitted clear bags.

    (I paint an average of 8 single people, 5 couples or 2-3 families per hour at the level of detail and quality shown.)
    Bookings under 5 hours are not available on weekends unless in London and at short notice. I have a minimum fee of £1500 for destination weddings, or £2000 on weekends.