Live wedding guest portraits

Unique fashion portraits as artistic wedding entertainment

Looking for a live wedding portrait illustrator in the UK? I create stylish and flattering fashion portraits of your wedding guests, which take just 6-10 minutes per person, or 12-16 minutes per couple.

The A4 size ink and watercolour illustrations capture faces and outfits in full and vibrant colour, on thick, top quality paper. Stun your guests with unique wedding favours they’ll treasure forever.

How my live wedding portraits work

I’ll set up my easel at the venue, and paint guests while they pose, meaning your friends and family also get to watch me at work! It’s rare that you’ll find a live wedding illustrator this fast, so it’s always an attraction.

We’ll gradually build a pop up art gallery at your reception – then at the end of the night, your guests get to take home a unique memento of your unforgettable celebration.

Why choose live wedding portrait illustration?

“Aaron, thank you so much for your adorable portrait of Rich & me. I’ve just taken it to be framed, we both feel really properly ‘got’.”
– Mopsa English, London

So why choose a UK wedding illustrator over a local caricature artist, or even a photo booth? Quite simply, it’s classy, memorable and your guests will probably never have seen it before – it’s one of the most unique wedding entertainment options you could pick. When your guests go home with a beautiful portrait in their hands, stamped with the name and date of your wedding, you can be sure this is one bespoke wedding favour they’ll never forget.

I am faster than most live wedding portrait illustrators. When painting my wedding guest portraits, I can capture 3 to 4 couples or 6 to 10 singles per hour, depending on the style and speed you request. Full length, detailed portraits are more suitable for smaller, more intimate parties, and for larger weddings, I can use a more minimal, head and shoulders style. Info and examples are available on request.